Nazis rock

In line with this, my litmus test, as you know, is that a man be willing to publicly name the jew as the enemy and publicly advocate White interests. If a man won’t do these things, then he’s not on our side. Open and shut: 100% clear policy…. Sam Francis and Jared Taylor fail our test. They are not on Whites’ side.

Whites working with jews is a vital mistake. A life and death, extinction-level mistake. My reading of history and MacDonald leads me to believe and say that there is absolutely no room for any deviation from the policy of no jews, period.

… your average White does not have the paranoia-feelers of the jew; he’s decent, well-intentioned, and assumes others are too. He is not going to grasp the nature of the jew unless he has dealings with them, or unless somebody points it out to him, because jews, unlike coloreds, are such a small and invisible minority.


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I am the worst person you will ever meet.
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